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Understanding and managing sustainability within your life or business can be complex and challenging. Some areas may require particular knowledge, skills, creativity or insights, that have been developed over time and through experience. So instead of trying to do it all yourself, why not tap into our expertise and ideas?


I work closely with businesses, creatives, organisations, schools, entrepreneurs and everyone in between, to optimise impact. I offer a tailored approach to your lifestyle desired or business needs through a range of services, including:


  • Strategy coaching
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Program design and solutions
  • Communication and education strategies
  • Brand storytelling and content marketing
  • Campaign developement and project management
  • Audience engagement and workshops





With a background in environmental management and sustainability, I am able to write content relating to topics such as climate change, pollution, land degradation, waste, resource depletion and so on. Over the last few years, I have also been committed to a sustainable lifestyle and active in the conscious community, which has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of sustainable and zero waste living, ethical fashion, natural beauty and eco travel.  Additionally, my passion for people and the planet means I am at the forefront of the latest environmental and social issues, news, trends and experiences.


I have written content for several leading environmental brands and organisations.  I work with my clients to craft their impact story through providing trustworthy, reliable and engaging information in the form of:


  • Blog posts and articles 
  • SEO website copy
  • Social media posts and newsletters
  • eBooks, online resources and publications
  • Brochures and marketing material
  • Speeches and press releases




At Project 3 P, we are passionate about creating engaging content for not only our brand, but for yours as well. That's why we collaborate with Zee Video Production, a talented Australian based team of creatives, to bring you high quality visual storytelling. Together, we offer conscious and meaningful photography and videography for:


  • Interviews and lifestyle
  • Hotels and events
  • Products or services
  • Marketing and social media