If you haven't watched it, I'm sure you've heard about it.  ABC's War on Waste, a TV series about the environmental impact of Australia's waste problem.  It looks at our use of plastic bags, the real cost of fast fashion, the commercial standards of fruit and veg and our coffee addiction.  I thought it was real, relatable and of course, a little bit scary.  




I am always hearing about climate change and the global consequences of sea level rise, but I don't personally ever feel or see the impacts.  I think people are more likely to take interest in the environment and make changes to their lifestyles if the issue personally effects them.  I believe the key to addressing global environmental problems is first tackling them on local and national scales and War on Waste does just that.  It focusses on Australian politicians who have the power to make change; our major supermarket chains, Coles and Woolies, who have set our standards for fresh produce; and compares nation wide statistics to large Australian landmarks for watchers to gain a better understanding of the scale of these issues.


There are so many American or European documentaries about environmental degradation, so it is incredible to have a movement like this, by such a well known Australian corporation, right on our doorstep.  If that's not going to make some sort of difference, what is?


War on Waste also highlights easy ways to reduce your ecological footprint including using reusable coffee cups such as KeepCups; banning the plastic bag and using reusable ones like those from Boomerang Bags; reducing household waste through buying locally and purchasing non-packaged food products; composting and recycling; and slowing down our fast fashion purchases.


You can watch War on Waste on ABC TV and iView!

Lauren GrimshawComment