Not only is this gem a family owned business, but it is also Brisbane's largest vegan grocery store and cafe.  Sue and Glenn, the owners of The Green Edge, are constantly looking for new innovations to shift their business practices and their customers to make more sustainable choices.




Just over a year ago, Glenn decided to change to a vegan diet to improve his health, and since then, both he and Sue haven't looked back.  Shocked by the agriculture industries practices and how good they felt following a vegan diet, they decided to stick with it and adopt a more conscious lifestyle, looking further into environmental impacts and animal rights.




The Green Edge is highly motivated and passionate about achieving zero waste and promoting cruelty free products as well as being dedicated to reducing their plastic waste. They have stopped stocking plastic straws and have introduced bamboo replacements; they give discounts to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cup; and they also recycle 100% of their soft plastics! One of their truly committed staff members, Sammy, even takes home the cafe’s food scraps for composting! However, The Green Edge will soon be implementing their own composting system for all the cafe’s fruit and vegetable waste.




The food at this vegan hotspot is not only delicious, but also sustainably sourced, organically grown and locally produced.  The Green Edge is widely known for its mouth-watering burgers and hand cut chunky chips.  They also stock several beautifully presented vegan pasties and desserts from one of Australia’s best and most highly rated vegan bakeries, Flour of Life.




Each year, The Green Edge holds its own ethical and sustainability festival, which happily coincides with Brisbane’s annual agricultural Show (the EKKA), whereby they celebrate and promote zero waste living, animal activism and cruelty free products.  This event includes a number of attractions such as live music, market stalls, raffles and even showbags!


You can visit the Green Edge in Brisbane, Australia, check out their website here and also follow them on Instagram and Facebook!