Atop a hill in the inner south Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba, Reverse Garbage has everything under the sun. From timber to cork stoppers, this not-for-profit store promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. Reverse Garbage were established in the late 90s to support Friends of the EarthBrisbane and are a perfect example of a truly sustainable enterprise. 


Reverse Garbage collects high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and then sells them on at low cost. The enterprise also runs a variety of waste-focused workshops, educational talks and tours as well as hosting art exhibitions that promote local artists, craft workers and designers who also salvage, reuse and upcycle materials.

While visiting Reverse Garbage, I came upon a lovely elderly gentleman who told me he doesn't want to grow old and sit in front of the TV for the rest of his life like a zombie. He said he likes to come to the store because it keeps him creative and inspired to make things from scratch. I thought that kind of explained what Reverse Garbage is all about, not only the environment, but creativity too.


You can check out the Reverse Garbage store in Woolloongabba, Brisbane and their Facebook page and Instagram here!