Developed by a clever bunch of Earth Carers from Western Australia, Plastic Free July is a award-winning campaign designed to encourage the refusal of single-use plastic during the month of July - the name basically explains itself! With Australians sending tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year, Plastic Free July creates awareness of the issues surrounding plastic, provides alternatives and solutions, and encourages new habits.



I will admit, I have some bad habits when it comes to plastic.  I forget my reusable shopping bags in my car and buy takeaway coffee without even thinking.  It's terrible and it definitely makes me feel that I need to be a part of this movement.  So, I am only going to be giving up coffee cups, water bottles, plastic bags and straws, and I will use this month as a test run before deciding if I can fully commit to a plastic-free life.   I think it's important to use what you already have before buying new things, so I have put together a few reusable goodies that I already own such as the endless amount of tote bags, mason jars and water bottles I've accumulated over the years.  Although, I did have to buy some stainless steal straws!


It's been so great to see so many people posting on social media about what they are doing to be involved with Plastic Free July, but it always makes me feel I'm not doing enough.  I was meant to write this blog post in advance but have been totally unorganised the last few days, oops! However, I'm so happy I didn't rush it.  After I finish a busy shift at work this afternoon, I sat down with a cup of tea, scrolled through Instagram and came across a uni friend's post about Plastic Free July.  First of all, her name's Honey and if that's not cool I'm not sure what is.  Secondly, she's the most environmentally aware and sustainable person I know. To celebrate Plastic Free July, Honey went out and bought 30 KeepCups! She plans to give a whole bunch away to her friends and sell the rest in the little vintage shops she works in on the coast, cool uh? She wants to encourage everyone to stop using disposable cups! I love that I've been able to meet such incredible people through my studies, who are doing super awesome things.




You can check out Plastic Free July on their websiteFacebook page and Instagram!

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