Peppermint is an Australian magazine that focuses on style, sustainability and substance.  It covers not only the creative side to things, but also things that actually matter, including social and environmental issues.  




Peppermint holds annual gatherings, known as PepTalks, that celebrate the magazine's success and connects like minded people.  Although a ticket costs an arm and a leg, I still bought one, and it was most differently worth it.  The night consisted of wine, coffee, donuts and goodie bags! Does it get much better than that?  The event also featured several inspirational speakers that shared their journey, promoted sustainable, happy and healthy lifestyles and talked about what they are doing to make a difference.


The first speaker, Leah Musch, also known as The Unmaterial Girl, is a Brisbane based blogger who described herself as a "former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist".  Leah was not only cute and quirky, she is also motivated to create awareness about the impacts of the fashion industry and the way we shop.  She shared her story of how a freak yoga accident (haha) changed her life and opened her eyes to realising social media and businesses can actually be used to promote sustainability.


"If you do little things to be creative, good things will then happen"


Laura Wells, on the other hand, is a model and an ocean activist - what a combo! Laura doesn't only promote body positivity but also environmental awareness.  The Australian plus-size model isn't just sexy, she's powerful and smart too.  She classed herself as a typical Australian who grew up in the suburbs of Sydney and completed a duel degree in Environmental Science and Law.  Her successful modelling career, which she explained to be unplanned, paired with her heavy involvement with major environmental organisations, has allowed Laura to use her powers for good and promote not only a healthy lifestyle, but a healthy environment.  If this isn't goals, I don't know what is.  I was lucky enough to chat with Laura while we snacked on organic dounts (sounds very hipster, I know) and it was incredible to be motivated by someone already doing things I could only dream off, well minus the modelling part.  Laura also uses her Instagram to create environmental awareness!