After deciding to eradicate chemicals from her life, Verity started making her own skincare products.  Within a short period, her passion for creating her own healthy, eco-conscious products soon turned into an exciting business idea and Nadurtha Body was born!  Handcrafted in Tannum Sands, a small coastal town in Central Queensland, Nadurtha Body has a range of beautifully scented ‘free-odorants’, for both men and women. All of Verity's ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers who share the same environmental and ethical values as her, and let's not forget, her products are natural, organic and toxic-free. Does it get much better than that?  I was lucky enough to chat to Verity about what motivated her to create natural beauty products, her inspiration for starting Nadurtha Body, and the several environmental and social impacts of skincare products.


What made you so passionate about creating natural, organic and toxic free products?

I am passionate about everything I do in my life, so when I started making my own skincare products it quickly became an obsession!  My journey with creating natural products began a number of years ago when I decided to eradicate chemicals from my life.  There is just a minefield of toxic products that we inhale, ingest and use on our bodies every day and I made a conscious effort to rid my home of all these nasties.  With a young family, I am responsible for my children’s health and I want to ensure they are as healthy as they can possibly be.  I continually educate myself and my children on food choices and the impact chemicals have on us and the environment.


What inspired you to start up Nadurtha Body?

I want to contribute to the shift toward the use of natural and organic skincare because people need choice and I wanted to offer an alternative to toxic products by providing a safer option for us and the environment.  I was making my own skincare products for mine and my family’s personal use.  I had been a stay at home mum for 8 years and when my youngest child started school I decided to take my passion for creating my own healthy, eco-conscious products and turn it into a business!  So I chose one product, and over a period of 12 months refined the formulation and voila - Free-ODORANT was born!


What are some of the impacts that skincare products can have on the environment?

  • Chemicals used in the growing of ingredients have the potential to disrupt or harm marine life and the organisms within their ecosystems by entering our waterways, polluting and accumulating chemical contaminants within our aquatic ecosystems.  By using certified organic ingredients we can trust farmers have grown products in clean soil and the waste water from farming entering our waterways is unpolluted.

  • The use of packaging contributes to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.  The pulp used to make our cosmetic boxes are sourced from sustainably managed forests.  Furthermore, the plastic polypropylene containers used to carry our formula is a low density plastic and is recyclable. Polypropylene uses less solid waste than PET.

  • A sad fact about skincare is the high use of Palm Oil which is contributing to the destruction of natural habitats to the wild Orangutan population in Borneo and Sumatra.  There are however suppliers that are members of the RSPO with Green Palm Sustainability.



How are your products made and where do you source ingredients from?

I make my products at home where each deodorant creme stick is hand crafted by me! I source all my ingredients from Australian suppliers who share the same commitment to using sustainable and ethical ingredients and have their own thorough policies and independent codes of practice on environmental and community sustainability. By upholding these standards, I can be sure my suppliers are providing ingredients that guarantee:

  • No child labour

  • Decent working conditions

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Minimum guaranteed price

  • Social premiums paid by buyer to promote the collective good of producer communities

  • Long-term relationship between buyer and seller

You can check out and purchase Nadurtha Body's products on their website, as well as on their Facebook page and Instagram!