It's all happening over here at Project 3 P.  I am lucky enough to now be a part of the Nu Wardrobe team, as a brand ambassador!  Nu is a sustainable fashion community that aims to provide alternatives to fast fashion.  They believe in looking good without the social and environmental costs!  Over the past year and a half, Nu has run a number of creative  fashion events including swap shops, panel discussions, upcycling workshops and documentary screenings.  They are hoping to expand this concept by creating an online clothes sharing platform, how exciting!




I will also be writing volunteer stories for Keep Queensland Beautiful, a program that encourages people to enhance the quality of their local environment through personal initiative and community action.  The environmental outcomes of the projects include increased environmental awareness and action, reduced litter, improved resource management and a cleaner, greener Queensland!  Through interaction with local governments, businesses, schools, community groups and committed individuals, Keep Queensland Beautiful encourages a statewide network of grassroots volunteers who work to deliver a healthier environment.


They have a program called “Adopt-a-Spot", which currently has 40 active sites and over 900 volunteers across Queensland, who conduct regular litter clean-ups, tree planting/revegetation and community garden projects.  They have just finished developing a new website, which is launching in the upcoming weeks, and they want to showcase the great news stories and work happening within their projects, so that's where I come in!


I have recently been listening to Jen Gale's Making Good podcasts.  If you're not familiar with Jen, she is an ethical business coach who works with eco and social entrepreneurs to help them create and grow truly sustainable businesses! Her podcasts are inspiring, her online resources are incredible and her knowledge is out of this world!


I have also ordered a few books that have been recommended to me over the last few months and have been trying to master the art of Pinterest and Twitter... send help!  Figuring all this out, while trying to create a business plan and social media strategy, has all been a little overwhelming, but hey, it'll be worth it in the end!

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