Firstly, welcome and thank you for stopping by! My name is Lauren Grimshaw and I am a 20-something eco-friendly living blogger, content creator and final year Environmental Management (Sustainability) student from Queensland, Australia.  I am passionate about photography, purposeful travel and sustainability storytelling, which I’m sure you’ll soon realise if you decide to stick around.  When I started Project 3 P, I had just transferred to a different university and swapped my degree major in order to allow myself to live and think more creatively.  At the time,  I wasn’t actively searching for a side hustle or a passion project, but subconsciously I needed a new hobby and purpose, and that’s when my idea came to me.  I remember waking up one morning with this burning idea – to create a platform that shared the stories of all People and Places undertaking environmental sustainability around the world. 


When I first started connecting with game changers and conscious creatives, visiting eco-friendly cafes and attending environmental events, and researching green innovations and sustainable living tips, I honestly thought I was making a difference.  Then I realised, that even though I was studying sustainability and cared deeply about environmental issues, I wasn’t living that way.  I was still using single-use plastics, purchasing fast fashion, and using products that contained harmful ingredients.  All this time, I hadn't been living in alignment will my values.  I was, as they say, not practising what I preached, and it was from that moment forward that I started focusing on living as green and consciously as I possibly could.  Although I am still an imperfect environmentalist to this day, I can now wholeheartedly say, I am creating a positive impact through not only studying and writing about environmental sustainability, but by also implementing sustainable living Practices into my daily life.


Project 3 P is the home of conscious creatives and imperfect environmentalists.  We share the stories of the People, Places and Practices undertaking environmental sustainability around the world. 

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Change makers. Sustainable cafes. Eco living tips. Ocean conservationists. Writers. Organic farms. Volunteering. Fair trade boutiques.  Ethical business owners. DIYs. Eco friendly stores.  Social entrepreneurs.  Vegetarian restaurants. Eco wedding planners. Workshops. Do gooders. Bulk food shopping. Community events. Green make up artists. Markets. Environmental activists.  Exhibitions. Wholesome recipes. Craftivists. Minimalism. Eco fashion shows. Zero wasters. Photographers. Documentary screenings. Plastic-free living. Sustainable fashion advocates. Makers.Green travel.  Eco warriors. 

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