PurePods, New Zealand: Isolated Luxurious & Eco-friendly Glass Cabins Surrounded by Nature


With 7 unique locations ACRoss New Zealand’s South Island, PurePods are private glass eco-getaways in the heart of the natural Kiwi landscape.  PurePods have been designed with environmental sustainability and minimalist luxury in mind and have less impact than a tent, while still offering a unique and luxurious way to completely experience and connect with the surrounding nature.


Environmental Sustainability & Green Design


PurePods provide off-the-grid experience in a secluded slice of the New Zealand landscape.  They have minimal environmental impact but allow for maximum connection to nature.  PurePods walls are completely made from glass, including the roof and floor, so even when the doors are shut, you’re not completely disconnected.  You’re still able to see it all, even when you shower – from the sky and hills, to the birds and the bush, and even the bugs underneath your feet.  This also means, when you get into bed at night, you have a view of the Southern Cross and millions of other starts above – cool, uh?


The PurePod is primarily powered by solar panels.  There is also a bio-fuel capable water heater to supplement the solar panel power – meaning you are always guaranteed a warm, low impact shower, even when there is limited sunlight available to power the solar panels.


In the Greystone PurePod, the water supply comes from water tanks up high behind the cabin and goes through a robust filtering process.  The plants under the glass floor are all watered by the runoff from the rainwater during the wetter months, and from the PurePod water tanks during the warmer months.  The wastewater from the toilet, sinks and shower runs into a Biolytix wastewater treatment system.  This system used a patented biological filtration technology that relies on a diverse ecosystem of micro and macro organisms to provide energy efficient treatment of the waste water.  This is primarily powered by tiger earthworms, which eat the solids to create a layer of vertices and filter the wastewater, which is then pumped out as clean, usable water for the PurePod and surrounding environment. The tiger earthworms are also used for the breakdown of organic waste, including food scraps, toilet paper and coffee grounds.


PurePods commitment to providing environmentally friendly and luxurious experiences has allowed the business to become a early adopter of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment. PurePods has also been awarded with a Qualmark 5 Start Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award.

So basically, PurePods are the pinnacle of eco-focused accommodation and their cabins are even better than glamping.  You’re safe, dry and warm, you have access to a flushing toilet and running water and you’re also totally surrounded by and connected with New Zealand’s nature. Does it get much better than that?



The PurePods Story & THE Unique Experience


The PurePods concept grew from a deep love for not only for New Zealand’s flora and fauna, but also unique experiences which allow for complete immersion into nature.  Each cabin is located in private, secret pockets in different areas of New Zealand, and each one is surrounded by unique and native plants, birds and animals.  The Project 3 P team were lucky enough to partner with PurePods for an unforgettable stay in their Greystone cabin. The Greystone PurePod is located in the Teviotdale Hills with incredible views of an award-winning organic winery in Waipara - one of New Zealand’s premier and fastest growing wine regions.



When arriving at the Greystone PurePod, or your chosen PurePod location, you check in by parking and locking your car roughly 1 km from the cabin - say whatttt?  We packed a small overnight bag and then walked through a guided path in between the hills, taking in the local scenery, before reaching the secret location of the PurePod.  It’s definitely a unique and exciting experience, as you don’t find out how to get to the cabin until you’ve made a reservation.  Once you arrive, you are completely secluded, uninterrupted and one with nature.  There are no power points (however, there is a USB charger) and there is also no Wi-Fi, no TV, no hairdryer or air conditioning.  There is also very limited phone signal.  The kitchen is filled with plastic-free tea and coffee as well as a compost bin, and the bathroom is also stocked with organic and natural soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  You can be sure to have a full low impact, off-the-grid cabin experience at PurePods.

Interested in staying at PurePods? You can check out their accommodation locations and options on their website here. You can also follow them on Instagram @purepods and @purepodfeetviews.

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