10 Instagram Content Ideas for your Eco-friendly Business


As eco-friendly business owners, we not only have the power to create positive environmental change but we are also able to influence our customer’s lifestyle choices and purchasing habits. Instagram has definitely become a main hang out spot for those who are wanting to transition to a greener lifestyle and purchase from brands with a purpose. So if you’re a conscious creative or ecopreneur, Instagram is definitely a social media platform you should be taking advantage of. You’re not only able to reach your target audience, but you’re also able to share behind the scenes biz and sustainable lifestyle images, and create a community around your brand. To get you started, we’ve put together 10 Conscious Content Ideas for you to share on Insta to improve your engagement with your followers!

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Introduce yourself & Show the face behind the brand

Have your followers met you yet? If they haven’t, they should! Introduce yourself to your audience and let them know who’s behind the ethical biz they’re following. Share a little bit of background about yourself and actually post a photo of yourself. Opening up to your followers and regularly showing up in your feed can not only skyrocket your engagement, but can also help to create an honest, authentic and real relationship with the eco-friendly community.

What’s your why?

Knowing your why is not only crucial for your business growth and development, but it’s also what helps you to connect with your customers and community on another level. It has been found that global consumers are willing to pay 66% more for sustainable goods - so what are you waiting for? Let them know your why!

How are your products made?

Why not give your followers an insight into how your products are made? Whether you make natural and zero waste deodorants in your own home or you work with local artists to craft ethical and fair trade bags - storytelling is a super powerful strategy and conscious consumers love to know #whomademyclothes.

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If you’re using a mobile device, click here instead

What’s your story?

Just like sharing your why, sharing your story is also on of the best methods for building a connection. By incorporating stories into your content, you’re able to share what you’re doing with your audience, show you care about the environmental and social issues you’re committed to and help your community to solve their problems through your products or services.

Where did your passion come from?

Did you grow up on a farm? Did you live near the beach when you were younger? Were you exposed to mass plastic pollution while travelling? Have you witnessed an extreme weather event? Whatever it may be, let your followers know what lit the fire in you to create your eco-focused business!

What are your values?

Just like your why and your story, your brand values have a huge influence on consumer buying behaviour. Mastering how you communicate your values can help rapidly increase your social presence and customer loyalty. They represent the reasoning behind why your businesses does something, such as supporting a non-profit or using recycled fishing nets.

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How are you making a difference?

Are you using organic materials? Selling eco-friendly reusables? Committed to helping good business grow? Donating a percentage of your profits? Let your community know how you’re creating positive social and environmental change now and in the future!

What you’ve learnt so far on your sustainable living and Business journey

What has your journey taught you so far? Being real and raw about your experiences throughout your sustainable lifestyle and ethical business journey will help gain the trust of your consumers. Leading a life driven by purpose isn’t easy and it’s something both business owners and conscious consumers can relate to.

What issue means the most to you?

Share information and insights about the issues you’re passionate about! Plastic pollution? Climate Change? Saving the bees? Or maybe, like it is for me, it’s a little bit of everything. I personally have an approach of doing the best I possibly can with the places and things I have access to, in the situation I am. But also don’t forget to play attention to the latest topic trends and upcoming awareness dates.

What does impact mean to you?

This is one of my most favourite questions to ask ethical business owners because the answer is different for everyone. Maybe for you it’s about influence, spreading awareness and changing people’s purchasing habits or maybe it’s about creating products or services that benefit both your customers and the planet.

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