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Project 3 P is your guide & community to all things sustainability, MAXIMISING IMPACT & living in ALIGNMENT with your values

A few years ago, I started Project 3 P as a way to document not only my sustainable living journey, but also to share the stories of the People, Places and Practices creating environmental change around the world. Today, I help conscious creatives, like you, create sustainable, purpose-driven and creative businesses.


I’m Lauren - a qualified Environmental Manager, online sustainability coach and eco lifestyle blogger, who works with conscious businesses to effectively communicate their impact and create environmental change. Through volunteering, travelling and contributing to global research project, I have seen firsthand, not only the devastating impacts of human activity, but also the positive stories that come from changemakers, like you.


 At Project 3 P, we believe that living and working sustainably no longer means you have to live off-the-grid and grow all your fruit and veggies. We recognise that it isn’t easy and different people have different values, priorities and circumstances. To us, sustainability isn't about sacrificing, it's about making small positive changes and thinking outside the box.  Living and working sustainably is about making the best decisions you possibly can with the things, people and places you have access to and the tools you already have. 

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